The Top10 Things You Should Do If You Test Positive For Alpha1

  • Have A List Of Questions When You See a Doctor About Your Alpha1(If you try to remember the questions you want to ask you may forget half of them)
  • Learn To Breathe Effectively
  • Limit Or Eliminate Your Alcohol Consumption
  • Don't Be Afraid To Be Proactive About Your Alpha1
  • Get Plenty Of Rest(You will likely have a higher oxygenation level)
  • Avoid Sick People(You have a lower immune system than most people)
  • Drink Plenty Of Water
  • Eat Healthy/Avoid Processed Food(Carbonated beverages)
  • Start A Careful Exercise Program/Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program(Your muscles will become more efficient so they won't use as much oxygen and if you have surgery you will likely recover quicker as well)
  • Stop Smoking

Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Been a devilish 3 weeks!! I am still fighting a upper respiratory bug and not giving it the smackdown I want to. The same week I tottalled my Suburban my furnace quit and that took 10 days to get fixed. If I wasn't waiting on a part I was waiting on a repairman during gun deer season. Holly and I sequestered ourselves in my bedroom Thanksgiving day. It was the first day I really got to sit and do nothing. In between it all I was emptying truck and getting that squared away. This last Monday I was finally able to move forward replacing the Suburban. Although I would have liked to replace it with another SUV or truck I replaced it with a Honda Civic. When I went in to close on the loan the loan officer didn't know how I kept up my crazy hectic schedule. The fuel economy is amazing even in Chicago commuter traffic!

I also forgot to tell you Ms Triumph did not wind up going to the home she was slated to. I had pushed back her surgery a week to give the wound more time to let the antibiotics work and remove more infection. She sailed right through surgery. The vet techs at the clinic all fell in love with her but, one especially more so than the others. They couldn't believe I wasn't keeping her. My dog sees cats as prey. Anyway I called my old classmate to explain the situation. His daughter who was originnally slated to take her in had taken another cat in and was fostering another. He just said "We just want what's best for the animal. To say the vet tech was elated is an understatement. She now has not one person she owns but, three. She has a guinea pig sister and they touch noses I hear. I think Triumph hit the rehoming jackpot!