The Top10 Things You Should Do If You Test Positive For Alpha1

  • Have A List Of Questions When You See a Doctor About Your Alpha1(If you try to remember the questions you want to ask you may forget half of them)
  • Learn To Breathe Effectively
  • Limit Or Eliminate Your Alcohol Consumption
  • Don't Be Afraid To Be Proactive About Your Alpha1
  • Get Plenty Of Rest(You will likely have a higher oxygenation level)
  • Avoid Sick People(You have a lower immune system than most people)
  • Drink Plenty Of Water
  • Eat Healthy/Avoid Processed Food(Carbonated beverages)
  • Start A Careful Exercise Program/Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program(Your muscles will become more efficient so they won't use as much oxygen and if you have surgery you will likely recover quicker as well)
  • Stop Smoking

Friday, December 4, 2009

Challenges, Changes & Dead Dreams(or not so dead dreams)!

My income dropped $3000 this yr. It now stands at a gross wage of aproximately $25,000. My combined medical and medicine bills for the year are around $3,800. Now THAT'S challenging!! I guess God is just making me grow and stretch a little to make me better able to handle future challenges in life that lie ahead!

I have to make the needed improvements before the future mortgage company will consider refinancing. Some folks don't understand why...I understand quite well. There have been many homeowners that used their HE loans to survive rather than to do the home repairs/ improvements they said they would. There have been many home repo's and the lender is just protecting theirselves. I have even resorted to carpooling w/ a smoker to save a couple bucks(more like $20/wk). I am hoping the other person I heard of in SDL is open to carpooling & is a non-smoker. Unfortunately we do not live in a perfect world BUT, there is certainly much to hope for us & miracles happen every day. I know I have experienced a few in my lifetime!!

It has definitely become hand to mouth but, as I am reading Joel Osteens new book...the direct result is I continue to remind myself what efforts I went to in college so I could get my associates degree from EOSC in Wilburton. Bumming a ride once a month to grocery shop in McAllester, getting up at 3am after college dances to go collect beer cans & taking insurance off my truck so I was all paid up for the fall semester(which was the requirement for enrolling for spring semester classes.

I just have to figureout what to use as a "capstone" to keep my dreams alive. There is a story in the bible of a man named Zerubbabel who God instructed to build a temple & he came up against so much resistance from the people he quit. Then something like 10 or 20 yrs went by Zechariah came to deliver him a message from God that he was to go back to work on the temple. So to keep himself motivated he set out the capstone of the building.

My primary health POA's nephew & his wife were unable to have children the natural way. It was devastating to them but, one night he chose to go to Wal-Mart and buy baby things and place them in a basket(that was his capstone). I believe it was something like a little over a year and a half later they were able to adopt their first child. The agency told them it would take several years. Do you have a dead dream? What is your dead dream? What will you use for your "capstone"?

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