The Top10 Things You Should Do If You Test Positive For Alpha1

  • Have A List Of Questions When You See a Doctor About Your Alpha1(If you try to remember the questions you want to ask you may forget half of them)
  • Learn To Breathe Effectively
  • Limit Or Eliminate Your Alcohol Consumption
  • Don't Be Afraid To Be Proactive About Your Alpha1
  • Get Plenty Of Rest(You will likely have a higher oxygenation level)
  • Avoid Sick People(You have a lower immune system than most people)
  • Drink Plenty Of Water
  • Eat Healthy/Avoid Processed Food(Carbonated beverages)
  • Start A Careful Exercise Program/Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program(Your muscles will become more efficient so they won't use as much oxygen and if you have surgery you will likely recover quicker as well)
  • Stop Smoking

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Miss Busy

I finally took the time to look over my blog and post. I learned I come by my busy nature honestly! I spoke to my fathers surviving sister a while back. She said "Your Dad was a BUSY, BUSY boy! We were lucky if he shoveled the walk and mowed the yard! He worked at the gas station and he worked at the grocery store next door. He he worked corn detasseling. At 16 he had 3 model T's and an open top sedan. By 17 he was the newspaper distributer in Monroe! He was forever taking a car a part in a barn and putting it back together." I'm the county Special Olympics Agency director, the special olympics bowling coach. I just picked up a part-time job working at the bowling alley. I still have my job at the window manufacturing company. They are moving all there wood window line to our facility. Needless to say I won't have to worry about having Friday afternoons off very soon. Trying a new type of infusion needle set called an autogard.

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